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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                 113

established. Mesdemoiselles Contat and Mole
were delightful in the Celibataire. The vulgarity
of appearance in the audience and the gloominess
of the house were shocking; men and women
pile-mile in the boxes and in hats; some of the
men in boots and great-coats. They still retained
enough of old politeness to take off their hats,
unless in the back seats. Indeed, upon enquiry,
I found that most of them were of the privileged

The pit was full of the dirtiest of the dirty;
horrid black-looking creatures. The decorations
are bad, and one hears but poorly.

As I went in, a fellow was hawking about a
tragedy of the death of Louis XVI. I perceived
that the audience applauded whenever a passage
in the play seemed to allude to terrorism or im-

My man passed the night in the guard-house,
for being out without his passport and speaking

I dined to-day at Monsieur Formalague's, once
a clerk to Boyd, with some noted people, viz.,
Mathieu Languinais, Roederer, late a Counsellor
of Metz, editor of "THistorien," Bourgoign, author
of the " Essay on Spain," &c. They talked away,
as Frenchmen always did; morals, philosophy,

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